The History Books of The Subcontinent, India, and Pakistan

The History Books of The Subcontinent, India, and Pakistan

Introduction, Presentation, and Availability of The History Books of The Subcontinent, India, and Pakistan

This is an effort of our website Murasla, which is covering some upheaval task, searching into hundreds of books, periodicals, articles, speeches interviews, and statements to bring forward the real stories of a devastating division yet rewarding struggle of a region which had taken a shape to get independence from the colonial era of British Empire in the 20th century.

Myths, rumors, allegations, counter-allegations, propaganda, favoritism, hate, cultural differences, ethnic divisions, religious bonding, all exhibit a significant role when someone explains the failures and successes of their leaders of Himalayan height from both sides of borders, which came into existence in August 1947, after British forces left the sub-continent and reeling of its colonial rule spanning over almost two centuries. Let’s browse here for history books, periodicals, newspapers, and magazines to have a close look and analyze it yourself that what was happening during the struggle for getting our nations rid of not only the foreign forces but also quashed the fears of trapping into the majority rule (in the name of democracy). Murasla will try to present the events as they happened with the help of valuable write-ups, extracting from such resources which are rarely found for common peoples. Apart from brief introductions, we will present here to download the books for our visitors digitally available in our library. Your cooperation and suggestions are required to improve it all.

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