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Murasla History Books

Many historical events remain hidden from our knowledge until researchers put their stories before us. Our website “MURASLA” is trying to introduce and publish the efforts of these researchers. Often the same event is presented by different researchers in their own way and they seem to agree with the information provided by one source and disagree with other sources. This is the reason why more than one book is written on the same subject of history, the number of which reaches dozens in some cases.

Apart from books, small and large articles are also being written, which are published in various media outlets. After the rise of social networking websites or social media, numerous new writers have emerged along with well-known writings and some of them have reached the heights of popularity. Oftentimes, discussions on social media immediately promptly guide to some articles or books, and participants can get a lot of information from these comments. History writers look for authentic books and articles. With the passage of time, some of these books and articles become difficult to obtain. References to these books or articles are found in various places, but sometimes these books and articles are not found when one starts searching for them.

In the articles presented on our blog, we try to present as many books and articles as possible, which provide the most useful material for determining the direction of history. If you can help in this regard, feel free to contact us.

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