GILGIT: The Northern Gate of India by F.M. Hassnain

ہندوستان کا شمالی دروازہ گلگت

Publication: Gilgit The Northern Gate of India

Author: Fida Muhammad Husnain

Year of Publication: 1978

Published by: S.K. Ghai, Managing Director, Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd.
AB/9 Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi

As Lord Curzon, the then British Viceroy of India described, “Gilgit is one of the northern gates of India, through which a would-be invader must advance, if he advances at all.”

Important Topics of Book:

  • The unique geographical position of Gilgit as a Northern Gate of India in British era.
  • The importance of northern areas as a strategic region which was a meeting ground of close neighbors like China, Russia, Afghanistan and India.
  • How did the British government encourage the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir to occupy the self-rule northern areas to protect the British interest and then use the area for spying of neighboring countries and keeping an eye on Russian move towards Afghanistan and India.
  • The appointments of political agents and establishment of Gilgit Agency.
  • The administration and infra structure details like development plans, routes, and communications of northern areas of India.
  • The Dogra invasions and Gilgit Memorandum
  • Relations of Maharaja with Hunza Nagar, Dir and Chilas.
  • Sanads, agreements, treaties with chiefships and state rulers.
  • The Dogra’s agreement with Chitral and the British intervention.
  • Military Establishment and Imperial Service Troops.
  • The Making of Frontier.
  • Gilgit Scouts.
  • Freedom struggle.
  • Lease of Gilgit.
  • End of the British Rule
  • Retrocession of Gilgit
  • Rebellion and accession to Pakistan.




Dogra Invasion

British Intervention

Northern Gate of India

Revolution in Gilgit




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PDF: Gilgit The Northern Gate of India
The Northern Gate of India

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By Muhammad Mashhood Qasmi
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