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MLB History Books
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MLB History Books, Magazines & Periodicals

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  • Baseball’s Greatest Hitters: Batting Champs, Five-Tool Phenoms and the Most Fearsome Mashers in Major League History
  • Baseball’s Greatest Games: The Most Suspenseful, Exciting and Unforgettable Contests in Major League Baseball History by eric ender
  • Baseball’s Greatest MVPs: The Most Spectacular and Dominant Single-Season Performances in Major League Baseball History by WEAVERLING, JEN
  • MLB Baseball Timeline: Greatest Days in the History of the Sport by Solomon, Burt
  • Baseball’s Greatest Rivalries (The most fearsome feuds and memorable confrontations in Major League history)
  • Great Catchers of the Major Leagues: Major League Library Series #12 by Zanger, Jack
  • New York Yankees All-Time Greats by Brendan Flynn
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Quiz Questions & Answers: Questions for The Diehard Fan: Basketball and Other Things Kids by Nayelly Rivera
  • Arizona Diamondbacks Team History and Things Fan Never Know: Random Quizzes about Arizona Diamondbacks Season in The Past: Great book of Professional Baseball by Doug Williams
  • Miami Marlins Team History & Baseball Season: 50+ Fun Trivia and Quizzes Miami Marlins MLB Team: Baseball Trivia and Quizzes by Doug Williams
  • Test Your Knowledge Through Boston Red Sox Trivia and Quizzes: History of Baseball Team Boston Red Sox and Simple Quiz Around Team: Red Sox Books Adults by Peggy Allport
  • Colorado Rockies Team History & Encyclopedia: More Than 50 Quizzes about Professional Baseball Team You Should Know: Gift for Baseball Fan by Doug Williams
  • Atlanta Team History & Collection Great Baseball Story: 50+ Questions, Quizzes about Atlanta Braves to Test Your Knowledge: Questions about Baseball Team by Doug Williams
  • The National Pastime, Volume 12: A Review of Baseball History Society for American Baseball Research (Sabr)

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