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Gilgit The Northern Gate Of India F.M. Hassnain
Author: Fida Muhammad Hassnain Category: Kashmir, The History Books of the Subcontinent Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd, 1978 Published: ISBN: Pages: 202 Country: India Language: English Dimension: File Size: Tags:Chitral | Gilgit Baltistan | Hunza Valley | Buy Now

The Northern Gate of India by F M Hassnain

Gilgit: the Northern Gate of India Compiled by F M Hassnain

Gilgit the Northern Gate of India is a masterpiece book of Fida Muhammad Hassnain, a Kashmiri writer, archaeologist, and professor who collected some invaluable documents along with his memoir to write this historical story of Kashmir, the northern areas of India, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

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British Viceroy Lord Curson said about Gilgit, “Gilgit is one of the northern gates of India, through which a would-be invader must advance if he advances at all.” It was for the British Government and of course, it is in Pakistan now, strategically a very important region because of its unique geographical position, bordering with Afghanistan, China, India, and Russia. The people of Gilgit have shown the spirit of independence on numerous occasions to keep their region free from invaders. You can explore the topics relevant to the following terms or areas,

  • Gilgit Wazarat / Gilgit Agency / Bunji / Astor / Nomal / Bagrot / Sai

  • Hunza and Nagar / Thor / Gor

  • Chitral / Darel / Punial /

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